This is why BJP was mullered in Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh …!

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Jaipur. Abhay India News. Either it is violent protest by SC-ST during Bharat-Bandh or Upper Caste protest, BJP bear’s strong hit for the same. The BJP went down severely in these both states. After the assessment of votes bagged by BJP, it is learnt that the party has suffered the anger of SC-ST communities. At the same time, after the ordinance of the BJP government on SC-ST Law, the movement of upper caste organizations has caused a huge loss to the party in Madhya Pradesh.

30 seats were compromised here

Of the 59 seats reserved for the SC-ST community in Rajasthan Assembly elections, BJP has won only 20 seats, whereas in the last Lok Sabha elections, the party won 50 seats. Similarly, in 36 seats reserved for the SC candidates, the BJP has won only 11 seats, while the party got 32 seats in the 2013 elections. At the same time, BJP has got 9 seats this time out of the 25 seats reserved for ST (Scheduled Tribes), in 2013 the party won 18 seats.

Effect in MP

There is a similar situation of BJP in Madhya Pradesh too. On various spots where upper caste protests happened, BJP incurred seat loss. In areas like Gwalior and Chambal, where the highest upper caste movement took place, BJP won only 7 seats out of the 34 seats, whereas in these areas BJP and the Sangh had the highest domination.

Upper caste’s wrath calls for BJP’s vote down

Political analysts believe that the anger of the upper castes in Rajasthan has become the reason for the defeat of BJP. Here the Rajput community and Karni Sena were opposing the party openly since a long time. Their resentment was expressed to the booths.

By: Anish Saxena Datta

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