Rajasthan: Lobbying for the ministry accelerates, know more who falls ahead in the eligibility…

Rahul Gandhi-Ashok Gahlot-Sachin Pilot
Rahul Gandhi-Ashok Gahlot-Sachin Pilot

SURESH BORA / JAIPUR (ABHAY INDIA NEWS). The MLAs have accelerated the effort to join the Cabinet of the Congress government which is going to be formed in Rajasthan. In the process of becoming a minister, most of the MLAs have started camping around the leaders of the caste and faction. At the same time many MLAs are busy portraying their talents in the flow. According to knowledgeable sources, apart from talent and experience in the selection of ministers, the faction in specific could be considered to play a great deal too.

Nonetheless, if it is evaluated by the qualification point of view, 73 out of 99 MLA’S Who have won have at least a graduate qualification. Of these, 17 are Lawyers, 5 Ph.D., 4 MBAs, 3 Engineers, one Doctor and one CA.

During the previous tenure of Gehlot, many MLAs who were ministers are again eager & willing to hold the same post. Along with this, many senior leaders, who have become MLAs this time, are also involved in the race for the post of minister.

By: Anish Saxena Datta

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