Appeal to Mahapanchayat when denied Ministry, will depart for Delhi now…

Congress MLA Zahida Khan
Congress MLA Zahida Khan

Jaipur/Bharatpur. (Abhay India News).Supporters of Kaman MLA Zahida Khan are expressing deep displeasure on denying Ministry in Congress Government Cabinet. They convened the MEV Samaj’s Maha Panchayat in Tilakpuri village on Saturday.

There was a demand for Zahida Khan to be made a minister in the Maha Panchayat. If not agreed to do so, warning to boycott Congress in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 & move to Delhi Party Headquarters was put out. Apart from Rajasthan, people from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana participated in this MahaPanchayat of Meva Samaj. It was decided if Zahida Khan is not privileged with Ministry by Congress government of Rajasthan then the society will vote against the Party in approaching Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Even in eastern Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, the Muslim community will vote against the Congress.

This is to inform that Zahida Khan had defeated Jawahar Singh with more than 39 thousand votes in the Legislative Assembly elections in 2018. 49 years old Zahida Khan is a graduate. Zahida Khan has also been a parliamentary secretary during the previous tenure of the Ashok Gehlot government.

By: Anish Saxena Datta

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