Bikaner : Congress gets frantic on anti-BJP atmosphere

Bikaner. Abhay India News.  In this battleground of Vidhan Sabha Elections anti-entity wave could be seen on the both seats of Bikaner, by this BJP’s morale is drained where Congress’s morale is in high spirits. For the knowingness, BJP had stamped triumph on Bikaner East & Bikaner West since two assembly elections. Although both seats are considered under BJP’s stronghold, but anti-incumbency wave for BJP could result in quivering of its neutral votes, which is considered to be the biggest election threat for the BJP.

Dr. Gopal Krishna Joshi has been staged for the third time in the electoral battle for Bikaner West Assembly. Although before the pronouncement of elections, MLA Dr. Gopal Krishna Joshi never wanted to contest elections due to the decline in his health, but BJP had to pose Dr. Gopal Krishna Joshi to the battle ground when there was no compelling claimant found. At the same time, Congress has posed faith in its masterful leader Dr. B. D. Kalla. Dr. Kalla who got debacled in the elections of 2008 due to anti-incumbency wave and due to the Modi wave in the 2013 assembly elections has pushed his entire strength in the elections this time. Whereas taking anti entity atmosphere in keen observance BJP strategists are poorly stuck.

At the same time Gopal Gehlot appeared as an independent candidate is also seen doing Burglary in Congress and BJP’s vote bank this time. Being a contending leader, Gopal Gehlot’s craze could be seen in the backward and downtrodden areas. Election analysts also believe that from Bikaner West Independent candidate Gopal Gehlot is the biggest threat to the BJP in the direct fight of BJP-Congress in the West.

By : Anish Saxena Datta


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